Habuba (not her real name) was left with three of her grandchildren when her only daughter went to Juba with her new husband in 2017. She has not heard from her since. With the deadly conflict that erupted in 2018, Habuba, already very elderly, had to do everything possible to save the lives of her grandchildren. They walked long distance from Nagero to Tambura county, settling in the Mabia settlement, where life was unbearable due to lack of food. ‘I sometimes would imagine where I would leave these children if I died in the camp’, Narrates Habuba. When the living conditions in the camp worsened, Habuba just like her fellow IDPs planned to return Nagero, ‘we didn’t worry about the security back home, after all death was all that was awaiting of us!' sobbing Habuba continues. Weak and weary, Habuba together with her grandchildren were transported back to Nagero where they were at a loss of words when everything they once owned was all gone. With nowhere to sleep, she found refuge in one of the schools that housed more than 50 different families, and found that life was not much different than in the camp. 

In March 2019, a wave of hope surfaced to people like Habuba where LCED came to their rescue. As double luck struck into people like Habuba, she did not only receive shelter materials like any other but rather a home was constructed and Habuba together with her grandchildren now live in their new home as they start a new life.

‘Where would I be without people like you (LCED)? I can now start a new life. Whether with or without a bed, I thank God each day that am back home and in my new room. We only pray for peace and health!'

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