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Who We Are

Lacha Community and Economic Development (LCED) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization registered in South Sudan since 2008 (reg. No 113), which became operational since 2009, and was incorporated in Uganda since 2016 (reg. No 1209). We have been providing emergency relief and continued assistance to people in life-threatening situations, in the wake of disaster and/or with ongoing needs, operating both on mobile and static response, tackling Shelter/Non-Food Items (S/NFI) and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) needs. 

In the past years LCED has successfully provided humanitarian assistance and empowered vulnerable displaced populations in Greater Equatoria through distribution of life-sustaining NFIs, construction of emergency shelters, hygiene promotion campaigns, revitalization of local market economy with cash-based interventions, mapping and rehabilitation of community assets (water points and sanitation facilities) and capacity building of affected communities. The most targeted people in need are women and girls, including pregnant and lactating mothers, children under 5, elderly, disabled and chronically ill persons, who are the most affected by the South Sudan conflict and the related multiple displacement. Additionally, we have been focusing on peace-building activities among South Sudanese refugees residing in Kampala, Uganda, in order to involve the South Sudanese diaspora to foster the peace process in their country of origin. 

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LCED awarded for “Most Courageous Initia…

LCED awarded for “Most Courageous Initiative” in South Sudan

Since its registration in 2009, Lacha Community and Economic Development (LCED) has been providing emergency services in the Greater Equatoria Region of South Sudan, distribution of life-sustaining Non-Food Items (NFIs)... Read more

Clean Water in a Safe Environment Resusc…

Clean Water in a Safe Environment Resuscitates Life of Marakonyi P/S

Photo taken by LCED in September 2019 after intervention Introduction Marakonye Primary School is situated 3 miles from Yei Center, on Yei road, in Yei County, Central Equatoria State of South Sudan... Read more

Everyone Deserves to be Listened to!

Everyone Deserves to be Listened to!

                           Transparency is the foundation of accountability and a pre-requisite to a functioning Complaint and Feedback Mechanisms (CFMs)... Read more

What is More Important than Preserving D…

What is More Important than Preserving Dignity of a Woman?

  Yei County, CES State (South Sudan) September 2019 - Margaret (Not her real name) is a mother of four children and expecting her fifth child anytime soon. She has currently... Read more

Always Engaging the Community!

Always Engaging the Community!

‘Putting the community at the center during humanitarian interventions encourages participation, ownership and sustainability’. This is a living testimony for Nagero local authorities during a focus group discussion held in... Read more

Inclusive targeting and participation fo…

Inclusive targeting and participation for PWDs

John (not his real names) a household head of seven members lost his sight 10 years back. Currently aged 46 years relies on his 7 year old to aide his... Read more

Smiling Face of a Single Mother

Smiling Face of a Single Mother

Idapase (not her real names) makes a temporary door for her newly constructed shelter. She is more than happy. She started creating her door the moment she was selected as... Read more

Seen it All, but Home at Last!

Seen it All, but Home at Last!

‘I lost my husband during the recent conflict leaving me with six children in a foreign and then homeless world'   With two daughters and four sons to look after back home... Read more

Putting the Community at the Centre of I…

Putting the Community at the Centre of Interventions

           LCED subscribes to Accountability to Affected Population (AAP) principles whereby the community should play a major role in all the interventions that benefit them. In fact... Read more

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Our Vision 

We envision a situation where all South Sudanese individuals and communities have a good quality of life and high living standards, coexist peacefully and enjoy their fundamental human rights.


Our Mission

We work to save and preserve life, promote dignity and enhance resilience of vulnerable people, in order to ensure peace and promote long-term socio-economic development. 

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